How We Operate

Since opening in 2005, Trinity House has sought to provide care, comfort, and support to individuals who are homeless, poor, marginalized and in need of food and other basic services. We do our work following the philosophy of the Catholic Worker Movement which emphasizes faith-centered action, personalism, community building, nonviolence, simple living, and a respect for the environment.

As an independent and faith-based community, we do our work with the belief that God will provide for our needs through the community surrounding us – people of different faiths, races, and economic conditions. We do not accept government funding, and we are not under the auspices of any institutional church or diocese. We rely on volunteer labor and the donations of those who believe in what we are doing.

What we do

Trinity House Catholic Worker is a 501(c)(3) community serving the needs of the homeless in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On a referral-basis, we have three bedrooms available for guests who are homeless – two which are set up for mothers with children and, one, which is shared by two single women. Breakfast and supper are provided for guests during their stay of up to three months. During the day, guests are required to seek employment and permanent housing and are introduced to agencies that provide help with job-seeking, counseling, medical attention, and other life needs. We also host an optional daily meditation time and offer spiritual counseling on request. Guest referrals are accepted exclusively through a staff member who networks with social workers at various agencies. We do not accept self-referral and are not a drop-in center.

In addition to offering temporary shelter, we also serve free meals twice daily to those who come to the door – at an average of 5-6 meals each day.

Julie serving food

As a 501(c) (3) we also assist in the recovering and distribution of surplus food from several supermarkets, especially supporting food distribution at Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center and also the local Catholic Church, Holy Family.